Sweden Here I Come!

Sweden Here I Come!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Farewell

     What an absolutely incredible day October 27, 2013 was!  Dallin was outstanding in giving his farewell speech. He was told that he spoke like a returned missionary, not one who was just leaving.  The chapel was packed to overflowing with loving ward members, family, and friends. Afterward, we had a delicious brunch of crepes, ham, pastries, and fruit.  We relished in the warmth of the conversations that took place, and the love and support for Dallin and our family that we felt.  From morning to evening we had wonderful, caring people in our home that made this such a blessed day!  Natalie was exhausted, but was oh so proud of her oldest son!  A special thanks to all who contributed in so many ways to make this a day that we will never forget!  The word for the day was LOVE...  Love of family, love of friends, love of religion, and above all, a love for our Heavenly Father who has given us all of these wonderful blessings.

Here is the invitation that was sent!  Thank you Aunt Kim for your help with this!
You are awesome and so supportive!

Natalie, cousin Alison, uncle Jack, aunt Gail, cousin Pete

Dallin's Beautiful 1st Cousins
Candace, Courtney, and Keely

Family, Food, and Fun

Two proud fathers....  Elder Zach Hansen serving in England and
Elder Dallin Milne on his way to Sweden!

We love Keater Pop!

The Adams' and Milne's are sure pretty people!

Dallin's Basketball Buddies

More friends!

Ty's friends......  Makai, Tyson, and Logan

Carter providing the musical entertainment!

Cousin Pete and Uncle Gary....  Love you guys (and the hair too)!

Keaton and his new friend Mya

More Great Friends!

Mackell and Abby....  Oh so beautiful!

The Morgensen Family

Aunt Shelly, Uncle Tyler, and Uncle Tyson

Thanks for the wonderful memories everyone!
(photo credits - Kim Hansen)

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