Sweden Here I Come!

Sweden Here I Come!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy 19th Birthday Elder Milne!

     It is hard to believe that you came into this world 19 years ago.  It all took place on a cold winter's night in Cedar City, Utah.  Emergency C-section.  Thankfully all went well.  You were a beautiful baby with dark skin, big brown eyes, and lots of dark hair.  We still hadn't chosen a name for you.  We took a list of about five names to the hospital and waited until your arrival to try them out.  As I held you in my arms it became quite evident that you were a Dallin.  Dallin Blaine Milne would become your official name.  Your middle name after your loving father, and your first name after his favorite apostle - Elder Dallin H. Oaks.  Interestingly enough you would have the opportunity to meet Elder Oaks.

     When you were in the fifth grade we lived in Orem, Utah.  It was basketball season, and you were playing basketball with the Orem Rec league.  You had scored 30 points one Saturday morning game.  You were so excited!  To top that off your dad had tickets for all of us to attend the BYU basketball game that evening.  We had awesome seats and were really enjoying the game when Blaine looked up at the rows behind us.  He couldn't believe it.  There was Elder Oaks with several of his grandchildren sitting about five rows up from us.  Dad told you to go up at half time and introduce yourself.  You were hesitant at first, but we finally convinced you.  We watched you walk up the stairs and stop to talk.  From down below we saw Elder Oaks shake your hand, and then to our surprise he swooped you up off the stairs and placed you directly on his lap and gave you a hug.  You were grinning from ear to ear.  A few minutes later you returned to where we were, and you were just beaming.  We asked you what he had said. You related that you had asked him if he were Elder Oaks. Elder Oaks replied affirmatively.  You then told him that your name was Dallin as well.  That is when elder Oaks shook your hand and said that he always loved meeting people who shared his same name.  You then said you told Elder Oaks that your parents had named you after their favorite apostle.  That is when Elder Oaks picked you up, placed you on his lap, and gave you a great big hug.  You have always treasured this!

     The day you were blessed Dallin was a wonderful day.  There were so many family members in attendance, and dad gave you a beautiful blessing with many wonderful promises.  The Bishopric member commented on how you, like Nephi of old, had been born of goodly parents.  We did our best Dallin to raise you, but oft times I felt like it was YOU raising us.  You were always a great kid Dallin.  We love you and wish you the happiest birthday ever!

Here are a few pictures to remind you how cute you were:


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