Sweden Here I Come!

Sweden Here I Come!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Blessings of Having a Missionary.....

I cannot believe it is Thursday!  I am so sorry this week's post is so late.  I had to leave town on Monday and I didn't get back until late Monday night.  Tuesday I was swamped with getting everything ready for our Young Women's New Beginnings activity, and Wednesday I spent the entire day making up for being gone Monday and too busy Tuesday to do housework, etc...  Anyhow, I am happy to report that Elder Milne is doing well.

It is such a blessing to have a missionary in the field.  For me, it seems to fine tune my mind, especially amongst chaos.  Also, there is nothing better than getting those positive letters each week insuring you that at least that part of your life is good.  I am so grateful for Dallin and his choice to serve a mission.  I can see that he is being blessed by his service, and undoubtedly we are too!

This first letter was one written by Blaine earlier in the week.  We are not sure if Dallin even got to it on P-day, but you might find it interesting.

Elder Milne,

Check out this obituary that was in today's spectrum newspaper. I had a feeling you should look up this person's surviving brother there in Umea. Eric Olovssen is who you need to look up and take a flower to him from his sister's church in America. He will be impressed with this sympathy from the missionaries. Especially from you because you're from St. George, Utah.

Love ya DAL, Big Pappi

Blaine attached the obituary to Dallin's email.  It will be fun to see if anything comes of this.  We will be sure to tell Dallin that the Lord will reward him for his efforts.  Who knows, he may come across a potential investigator, convert, or just a really good story.  It's worth a try! 

Here is Dallin's Letter to the Family this week:

Hey Family,
Going to be a short one this week, going to be meeting someone here pretty soon.
Had a pretty good week. We now have more progressing investigators than we've ever had before and we found a few new investigators this week who seem like gems. One was an old lady whose grandmother was LDS. She was very interested in the church and doing family history with us sometime in the future. We have met with a student at the university here a few times and he is super positive. Our goal this week is to get him committed to a baptisimal date, I really feel like he is our guy. We have some other really positive people who will have to get married and give up some word of wisdom stuff. So that'll take some time but we are working hard with them.
Something cool about this week was we did some companion exchanges with the Elders in Övik. I stayed in Umeå and the greenie from Övik who had been out about 2 weeks came up to be with me for a couple days. It was legit. He was nervous at first because I had only been out 8 or 9 weeks in Sweden so he wasn't sure how much we would be able to do. But then we totally DID WORK. Haha he couldn't believe how good I was able to speak Swedish. We just went around talking to everybody and ended up getting 2 new investigators in 2 days and a bunch of potential investigators as well. Tons of fun. Best part was that it was snowing like crazy but we didn't care. He had been having a rough time in Övik with the work being slow and not being able to speak very well at all, but he said it was great to see where I was at in such a short time and to see how the success comes when you just go out and do the best you can. I'll forward some pictures that he sent me from those couple days, pretty funny. And it was good for me to see him where he was at, where I was at awhile ago, and to see how much progress I have made. And to see his "greenie fire" fresh out of the MTC and wanting to work hard. It was a good refresher for me. Its really easy to get discouraged out here over time.
But I'm still doing good up here, healthy, happy, eating well and sleeping well.
Love you all! Keep the Faith
Äldste Milne
The attached picture is a dental office here in Umeå.
And I'll forward some pictures that Elder Downing took when we were on exchanges.

This week's pictures:
Umea dental office

Tracting in the Snow!


Looking a lot like Jack Frost!
Oh My!  Brrrr.......



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  1. Can you believe what your boy is doing in that snow? Makes me shiver. I loved his statement, "Success comes when you go out and do the very best you can." I love that. Love to all. Aunt Kim