Sweden Here I Come!

Sweden Here I Come!

Monday, October 27, 2014

It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times

Charles Dickens' famous description of two particular cities also describes the daily life of a missionary.  The never ending roller-coaster ride of successes and disappointments seems to be the customary rule.  One day your reveling in the blessings of a baptism and the next day your beloved friends are telling you they are no longer interested in your message.  Aldste Milne and Aldste Van Alfen's past week's experiences serve as no exception to this rule.  Keep your chin up boys the tides of change are ubiquitous and the ebb and flow of success will soon find you.  In the mean time, work hard, pray hard, and be obedient.  The Lord will honor your efforts in His time and in His way and it will be glorious.  Dallin mentions having a ravenous appetite lately.  He thinks he is going through another growth spurt which is likely.  We are late bloomers in our family.  I also believe it will be a long cold winter so this is also most likely a result of your body's own natural instincts.  You are generating an extra layer of insulation to keep you warm.  Either way, Grandpa Glen always said that one always looks better with a little flesh on them.  Your looking good Big "D".  Eat healthily, drink plenty of water, load up on the vitamins D and C, and do your best to keep warm.  You only have to brave one more Swedish winter!

My Letter to Dallin This Week:

Dear Dallin,

It was wonderful reading about Emil's baptism.  I am so grateful that you and Elder Van Alfen were blessed with this amazing experience.  I am excited for Emil.  When one is baptized into the gospel of Jesus Christ a whole new world opens up to him and his life is blessed in countless ways. That would be awesome if Emil decided to serve a mission.  It is always amazing to me the impact one person's decision has on multiple lives including generations to come.  Dad and I have been reading the amazing history of George and Ann Jarvis.  They are your great, great, great grandparents.  They both joined the church in England during the early days of the church and joined the Saints in Utah shortly after.  As you know, George was involved in the building of the St. George Temple and the tabernacle.  The history book is called "The Essence of Faith."  George and Ann were extremely faithful, even in the face of much adversity.  They had a very close friendship with the Prophet Brigham Young.  It is amazing and inspiring to think about how the decisions these two made have impacted all of our lives.  The exciting yet somewhat unsettling reality is that each of us has this very same opportunity.  The decisions we make each day of our lives not only determine the course of our lives, but the course of the lives of our posterity as well.  I know that your posterity will be so grateful for your example and testimony.  I am so proud of you for serving a mission.  I know that you already have been blessed in so many ways, and the blessings will continue to flow.  Stay the course, remain faithful and obedient, and remember each day is another day to continue your conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Remember also that the atonement is continuous.  Let it have full sway in your life on a daily basis.  I am so grateful for the enabling and empowering aspects of the atonement as well as the cleansing and purifying that can occur because of it.  This week the young women and the relief society sisters in our stake will be studying the atonement.  Our stake leaders have outlined scriptures, talks, music, and videos to experience each day in hopes that our testimony of the atonement will be strengthened.  We are also encouraged to include our families in this.  So, tomorrow night for FHE we will go over the assignment for Monday.  I am so excited about this. 

This week has been your typical busy week.  I had a crazy week at school as usual, but I continue to be amazed at how the Lord blesses me to accomplish all that I need to each day.  Ty and dad did some hunting on and off throughout the week but didn't have any luck.  They had a great time though, and they really enjoyed spending some time with Uncle Kirk.  Yesterday (Saturday), dad, Ty and I headed up to Cedar City to attend an SUU tailgate party and football game.  This year SUU is celebrating 100 years of football, and they decided to honor their top one hundred players of all time.  Grandpa Ty was one of them.  They provided game tickets and the food for the tailgate party to the family members, and Grandma Susan and Uncle Wayne represented Grandpa Ty at half time.  He played for the 1929 team back when SUU was BAC.  He was the team captain and quarter back.  They presented plaques to the players at  half time.  Carter didn't get to go because he was taking the ACT.  It was fun to visit with uncle Wayne, his daughters Kathy and Cynthia, Aunt Nanette, Devan, Uncle Jack and Aunt Gail.  Afterward, dad, Ty and I went to the Pizza Factory for dinner.  It was a fun day.  We did some deer hunting on the way back to St. George.  It was uneventful.  We didn't see anything.  I will post some pictures on this week's blog of the football game and festivities. 

Not much else happened this week.  How did your week go?  How cold is it getting to be?  I am quite tired of the heat here.  It is still in the upper 80's.  It feels more like Fall up in Cedar City, so at least I get to enjoy that three days a week.  Carter's leg is still really bothering him.  We will be going to the doctor again this week.  This time I will have him take some x-rays or something.  Nothing seems to be helping it.  He is very frustrated as you might imagine.  He was excited however to finish the quarter of school.  He has still maintained his 4.0.  I met with him and Mrs. Ovard this week to discuss his scholarship opportunities and future plans.  Mrs. Ovard sends you her love and well wishes.  Cody Wilstead received his mission call this week.  He is going to Argentina.  Ty and Carter went over to his home when he opened it.  Everyone guessed where he would go and Ty guessed Argentina.  He won $20 so he was excited about that. 

I'm excited to hear how your week went.  I look forward to Mondays.  They are my favorite day of the week.  Take care of yourself Dallin.  I love and miss you, and please know that you are prayed for multiple times a day by multiple people.  I also put your name in the temple every time I go.  You have no idea how hard it is on a mother to have her son on the other side of the world.  It takes a lot of faith, but I know you are in good hands.  Keep up the great work, and show the Lord in all you do and say that you desire His blessings.  You are awesome Dallin.  Stay safe and warm!

All My Love,


Aldste Milne's Letter Home:

Dear Milne Fam

Tjabba Tjena Hallå

Well, hey again.  I'm still here.  Living.  Healthy.  Tired.  And very hungry.  Not because we don't eat, but just because I've developed the craziest appetite.  I'm hoping that it means that I'll grow a little more vertically.  An inch or two more would be awesome.  

It's still getting darker, colder and raining every day.  The days are getting shorter and shorter and we didn't see the sun too much last week.  Quite depressing.  It's been a little surprising because last year it didn't seem to bother me too much.  Must have been the greenie fire or something.  I'm getting older and slower but Van Alfen keeps pushing me a long.  We had a pretty rough week though.  A mission is a constant cycle of ups and downs we definitely had more of a down week.  One day, in a matter of a couple of hours, our top 4 "most positive" investigators all dropped us via text haha.  One of them was especially disappointing because the day before we had like the most powerful plan of salvation lesson ever at a members home with our #1 and the next day she called off the dogs.  So this week are pretty much starting at square one, knocking doors and street contacting.  We've kind of been riding the wave of investigators that we built up the first couple of weeks with Van Alfen, and last week that wave crashed.  It's all good though.  We are keeping a pretty good attitude about it.  In a weird way, I've kind of missed door knocking so I am a little happy about that I guess.  Tracting is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.  But yeah, I'm trying to think of other things that happened during the week... well we read our scriptures, played some innebandy (floor ball), and I ripped like my 3rd pair of pants.  That's a pretty common problem among missionaries who buy the cheap European style pants.  Luckily, there is a really nice lady in the branch who is good with a sewing machine so we'll be able to get them fixed as soon as I remember to bring them to church.  

But it's good to hear that you guys had a little better week.  Except for Carter and his leg.  If he doesn't get to play ball this year for PV I don't know how I'll be able to get through the winter.  Hopefully its not anything too serious.  But that is awesome that he is still keeping up the good grades.  And that SUU game sure sounds like it was fun.  That is sweet that they honored grandpa Ty and that grandma and Wayne were able to go out and represent him.  Good to hear that you are having a good time at school and able to get things done.  Thanks for email Mom, love ya to the moon and back.  See you in about a year!

Puss och Kram

Äldste Milne


This Week's Pictures:

The Plan of Salvation that I Drew for Our Persian Investigators

Dinner at my Favorite African's (Daniel) Place

The Last Time I Remember Seeing the Sun - a Week and a Half Ago

Me and My Man Emil
This was the plaque presented at half time of the SUU football game against North Dakota

These were the nine honorees this day

Grandma Susan and Uncle Wayne
(Grandpa Ty's only two children)

Admiring the Plaque and remembering their Wonderful Father!

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