Sweden Here I Come!

Sweden Here I Come!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel Boys!!!

Kungsbacka, Sweden is one of the most affluent parts of Sweden, in part due to its simultaneous proximity to the countryside and the large city of Gothenburg (straight out of Wikipedia).  That is exactly what Aldste Milne said...  It is a beautiful city, but the affluence is so great that the residents really have no need of anything, particularly the message of the restored gospel (so they think). This area will prove challenging to our favorite missionary, but I have never known Dallin to back down from a challenge, so Kungsbacka is right up his alley.  He has decided to take a different approach to this new area than those who have attempted this work before him - work with the members.  That is wise Aldste Milne.  You must first strengthen your core (the members) and it will be through them that you realize your successes, whether it be in reactivating a less active member or by gaining the trust of diligent members who will in turn refer their family and friends to you to teach.  The blessings for missionary work come in many shapes and sizes and your influence for good will be felt by whomever you come in contact with. Put your shoulder to the wheel push along.  Do your duty with a heart full of song. You have much work so do not shirk, put your shoulder to the wheel. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Elder Olsen...  Look out Kungsback - the awakening has begun!

This week's letter from Blaine:

Hi Dallin,

Well,  Pine View lost both of their games this week.   One point loss to Dixie  44-43 and lost 52-44 to Deseret Hills after leading 42-40 with under 3 minutes left in the game.

Both heart wrenching losses.  Especially after they were 11-0 going into the week and ranked #1.

Ty played his game this weekend and didn't score a point and lost in overtime.
Well,  how is it over there in your new location?

Bridge Barney's little brother asked me yesterday at the ballgame if you where going to come home and play basketball.  I told him I didn't know.

What is on your mind about that stuff?

Hope all is well.


Dallin's Reply:

Hey Dad,

How's old man Milne doing?  I had a dream last night that we bought grandpa Glen a Wii console and he was sitting there in his chair playing baseball on the TV.  He sure was happy and it was really funny to watch.
Sounds like it was a tough week of basketball for the younger brothers.  An undefeated season would have been cool but like Grandpa Glen would always say "Well, you can't win them all" haha.

I'm enjoying Kungsbacka.  The work is slow.  But the ward here is really nice and its a nice city.  In the past the elders here have just tracted all day every day but I can't put up with that so we are going to start just going around and visiting members, teaching them and try to inspire them to do missionary work.  But of course we will still be putting effort into finding ourselves.  The pair of elders before me contacted over 1800 people in 11 weeks and got no new investigators from that.  Hopefully we'll have some success with members instead.  That is the best way to do the work anyways, through the members.
That's cute of the Barney boy to say that.  Next time you can tell whoever that I have every intention of being a college athlete.  

All is well.  Take care

My Letter to Big "D" this Week:
To every thing their is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:....  Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter:  Fear God, and keep his commandments:  for this is the whole duty of man. - Ecclesiastes 3:1; 12:13

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness: and all these things shall be added unto you. - Matthew 6:33

I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith. - 2 Timothy 4:7

Dear Dallin,

These scriptures are good counsel to keep in mind as you approach the downhill of your mission.  I know that it will become more and more tempting to start thinking about home and what you want to do upon returning.  This is normal of course, but it is so important to stay focused on what you are doing there in Sweden.  The Lord will cause things to fall into place for you as your arrival date draws nearer.  For now, use your time wisely, you will never get these days back, and you will never be in this unique situation again.  Labor diligently that you might bring the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible.  The Lord in turn will add blessings upon your head - how great shall be your joy.

I hope this email finds you happy and well this week.  I pray you are laying some solid groundwork for the work there in that part of the vineyard.  I also pray that you are staying warm and especially safe.  How did the week go?  How is the weather there in the south?

This week, as all others, went by too quickly.  I have determined that there are never enough hours in the day or days in the week to accomplish all that needs accomplishing, but such is life.  I am convinced that if somehow more hours were added to the day and more days to the week we would just find more things to fill them up with.  Thank goodness for the Sabbath Day, it is so wonderful to have it as a day of worship and rest from our worldly labors.

This week I have been doing a lot of research, organizing, and writing for the book.  I am working on a chapter on the Atonement.  I will be focusing on how the Atonement helps the wife in her healing, how the Atonement helps the wife forgive her spouse and see him through the Lord's eyes, and how the Atonement can not only heal the individual and the marital relationship, but make them even stronger.  That is my favorite thing about the Atonement, it not only brings us back to a state of peace and cleanliness, it brings us back to an even higher level of living and greater depth of knowledge than before the adversity or sin that we experienced.  The Atonement enables us to become so much more than we can become on our own, and even beyond our own imaginations, capacities, and desires.

As dad and Carter have probably told you, we have had some exciting, yet disappointing basketball games this week.   It was still a lot of fun to be watching the games.  Carter is really doing a great job and has become a great contributor to his team.  Ty is struggling a bit.  He is at the point that all players get to eventually.  He has maxed out his raw talent and is now faced with digging in and working hard in order to improve, or allow everyone to surpass him.  I will do all I can to keep him going.  I have seen a change in him over this past week.  He is taking more initiative in practicing and working out on his own, so that shows some promise.  I will be happy to have you home so you can become his personal trainer and motivator.  He really looks up to you and respects you.  Please feel free to offer him any advice you feel is applicable at this stage in his life.  He is such a great kid with a heart of gold.

Grandma and Raymond spent a few days with us this week.  They came down and did a few sessions at the temple and went to the Pine View vs. Dixie basketball game.  Dad had Friday off so he and I spent the day together working up at the old adobe and making some runs to the dump.  Our renters moved out so we are in the process of cleaning it up and deciding what to do with it next.  This week Pine View only plays one game on Wednesday up at Canyon View.  It will be fun to see Keaton play.  He is having a great season, and is his happy, playful self.  You might be interested in knowing that the Pine View girls are enjoying a winning season.  They beat Desert Hills this past week and are tied for 2nd place in Region play.  Sarrah Pierce (Brandt's sister ) is having a great season.  Her mom won't let her be baptized yet but she still comes every Sunday.  I really enjoy having her in my class.  She is a sweet girl and has an amazing testimony.  Do you ever hear from Brandt?

Anyhow, not much else going on.  It has been nice weather here this week, but the past two days have cooled off a little.  We could sure use some moisture.  What is the average temperature there where you are this time of year?  Is it difficult to stay warm?  What is your apartment like?  Is it newer or older?  Do you share it with other elders?  What is the ward or branch like there?  Do you have everything that you need?  Let me know if there is anything you need me to do.  Take care of yourself Dallin.  My thoughts and prayers are with you always.

Much Love,


PS.  I will post some fun basketball pictures of Carter on the Blog.
Aldste Milne's Weekly Letter:

Hey Mom,

It's always good to get emails from Mom every Monday.  Sadly there are some missionaries who don't hear from their parents while they are here.  I sure am lucky to have you.  So keep up the good work haha.
I really like that scripture from 2 Timothy you put up there.  Those are some inspiring words.  I hope I can say the same at the end of my time here.  I have loved studying the New Testament.  Paul is a stud.  
You are right, the week went by super fast.  The days seemed like they would never end during the week but then here we are.  Funny how that is.  The weather has been pretty crazy.  It has snowed, hailed, and rained.  But mostly rained.  And the wind has been super strong.  It's weird though with all the rain.  I wish it would just snow instead.  My week has been okay.  I really like Elder Olsen and Kungsbacka is a nice town but the work is definitely no walk in the park here.  I thought I had seen tough areas before but this is something else.  I feel bad for Olsen because this has been his first area and he has literally never sat down and taught and investigator in 13 weeks.  He keeps a good attitude and is funny about everything though.  I hope I can help him have a better experience.  I like our plan though.  We have decided to really start focusing our efforts on the ward members.  Strengthen them and inspire them to share the gospel.  The ward has been through some tough times recently also.  Our ward mission leader said that they have lost 80 members in 2 years meaning they either wrote themselves out or went less active.  Instead of planning our days around where we will tract or whatever, we are going to plan them around which members we will visit and then find in their areas.  I think its the right way to go.  The best way to do missionary work anyways, with the members.  Hopefully the Lord will bless our efforts.  Like I am doing fine, the Lord has been too good to me anyways with success that I have had in the past.  I'm okay doing some time here but I really want Olsen to be able to see some fruits of his labors.
Anyways that's cool that you got some work done on the book.  And how nice it is to have knowledge of the Atonement.  I have loved learning more about the Atonement and see it affect my life and others here in Sweden.  For me it can get pretty boring to study and listen to people talk about certain gospel principles over and over again but when it comes the the Atonement, it never gets old.  What a great gift it is.  I can't wait to read your book when its done.  Way to go mom.

That's too bad about basketball this week.  That might be good for Pine View though.  Get them back down to earth where they realize they can't walk into the gym and beat anyone.  It's easy to think like that when you are undefeated.  They'll get their stuff together.  Same with Ty.  Like you said, it's coming to that time where it comes down to who puts the most time in the gym.  I'm looking forward to playing alot with Ty in the future.  He is a good boy.  He just needs to keep his head up.  Don't get discouraged and don't stop shooting haha.  That's cool about the girls team.  Great that Sarah is getting a job done.  I keep good contact with Brandt, he made sure to wish me happy birthday.

I'm staying warm, the apartment is super nice, it's just me and the man Elder Olsen.  We got a ward of about 70 who come on Sunday.  

Thank you so much for the packages!  I needed everything in there.  The razor is super nice and the deodorant is money.  I don't know why deodorant is so bad in Sweden.  The carmel was still pretty good also even though it was so long since you shipped it.  Tasted like home haha.  Thank you thank you thank you!


Kungsbacka on a nice day 2848
Kungsbacka on a not so nice day 2859
Santa came! 2863
Kungsbacka at night 2869

This Week's Pictures:

Santa Finally Came

Kungsbacka on a Nice Day

Kungsbacka on a Not so Nice Day

Kungsbacka at Night

I told Dallin I would post some of Carter's basketball pictures on the blog.

This was in the Spectrum the day of the Dixie game.  It took up half a page!

This was during the Desert Hills game... Carter went in for a lay up against their tallest guy and he made it!

This is of the same play....  He actually made another lay up against their other tallest guy later in the game. (Both pictures were taken by the Spectrum)

PVHS vs. CVHS at Canyon View....  The two cousins Keaton and Carter.

Carter with the ball...  Keaton waiting for him to cross the line.

 Carter on the Drive...  Keaton #10.

Kim and Keaton after the game.. (these pictures were all taken off Aunt Kim's blog.  Her blog address is www.kimkhansen.blogspot.com )  Thanks Aunt Kim!

Dad and Grandma Susan.  I'm sandwiched in between!

PVHS wins in overtime!

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