Sweden Here I Come!

Sweden Here I Come!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

December 23rd Email From Elder Milne

Hey Family!  We are not going to have p-day until Thursday because of Christmas or something so I have like 10 minutes to send this email is all.  Just wanted to let you guys know when to be on a computer so we can skype.  It'll be 11 am your time.  You need to make a skype account and then add my account as a friend or something.  my username is dallin.milne1

I'll be on my email during that time too so I'll email you when I'm ready to go.  I'll probably have to accept your friend request or whatever before we can call.  If we can't get skype to work for whatever reason then there is a thing on gmail where you can video call each other so you can use carter's gmail for that.  we'll make it work.

I can't wait to tell you all about it! I'm doing good.  the first couple of days were rough because I was still trying to get over the jet lag.  The language is extremely difficult.  I know I'll get it, its just hard for me to have that kind of patience.  Really humbling. First Sunday in Sweden was very interesting too.  I'll be sure to tell you all about it. 


Elder Milne

     We were excited to receive this!  We are all so anxious to Skype with Dallin on Christmas Day.  It cannot get here fast enough.  Christmas Eve will be spent doing last minute shopping and our annual Christmas Eve Party with the Milne's.  We wonder what Elder Milne will be doing?  We pray he is happy and well cared for.  It must be difficult to be away from family this time of year.

December 24th - Christmas Eve:

     Natalie woke up bright and early and made multiple batches of pecan brittle, white chocolate-dipped Oreos, and caramel popcorn to give as gifts.  Blaine, Carter, and Ty went to visit our 93-year-old Aunt Irene in a rest home.  They had a wonderful visit with her, and Carter enjoyed entertaining the residents with Christmas songs on the piano.  We all did some last minute shopping and then met up at the Green Springs clubhouse for the Milne Christmas Eve Party.  It was a wonderful gathering.  We enjoyed food, family and Santa!  It was Awesome!  Blaine wore his dad's bolo tie and old shirt to memorialize good ole Glen Milne.  Everyone got a kick out of it.  Santa let all the kids sit on his lap and he had gifts for them all as well.  Here are a couple of pictures:

The Milne Crew with Santa Toadee!

Blaine and his ole buddy Toadee!

Kim and Blaine looking a lot like Grandma Bonnie and Ole Man Milne
 (in their younger days of course)!
     The rest of the evening was spent doing more shopping and delivering neighborhood gifts!  We even sang to the neighbors as we dropped off their gifts.  Missing you tonight Elder Milne!  Can't wait to talk to you tomorrow!

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