Sweden Here I Come!

Sweden Here I Come!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Final MTC Letter!

We were so excited to receive an unexpected email from Elder Milne the Saturday before he left the MTC.  He was allowed to email while he was packing and doing laundry in preparation of their early flight Monday morning.  We will get to talk to him on Monday.  He will call us from the New Jersey airport.  We can hardly wait......

Here is a copy of the email he sent.  It is in response to an email Blaine sent him earlier in the week.  You may wonder what they mean by tent.  Dallin chose as his mission scripture 1Nephi 2:15:  And my father dwelt in a tent.  No, he was not being a smart aleck by choosing the shortest verse in the Book of Mormon.  This scripture actually has a lot of meaning to our family, and particularly Dallin at this time in his life.

While living in Killeen, Texas Blaine served in the bishopric.  Each bishopric meeting began with a scripture, thought, and prayer.  One particular meeting the other counselor shared 1Nephi 2:15 and then followed it up with a reflection on the prophet Lehi.  Lehi was a very wealthy and prominent man in Jerusalem, but as a prophet of God he chose to be obedient and follow the directive from the Lord to take his family into the wilderness and leave his luxuries behind.  While living in the wilderness Lehi and his family dwelt in tents and suffered many afflictions.  Lehi and his family's sacrifice to be obedient to the Lord is most impressive.  It required a tremendous amount of faith and courage.  Not all of his family members were successful with this transition.  We know the outcome of this story.  Laman and Lemuel, along with those who chose to follow them forfeited not only their worldly possessions but their spiritual blessings.  On the other hand, those who chose to follow the prophet Lehi were blessed both temporally and spiritually, and prospered in the land.  Elder Milne has chosen to follow the directive of the Lord to serve a full-time mission.  He has sacrificed the comforts and blessings of home and family and in a sense will be dwelling in a tent.  He will most likely experience different trials and afflictions, but by staying humble and following the Spirit, he too will be blessed and will prosper in the land of Sweden.

Here are the Letters:

On Sat, Dec 14, 2013 at 8:47 AM, Natalie Milne <milne5@hotmail.com> wrote:

>> Well Elder Milne,  you're readying to dwell in a tent.
>> You have made great preparations to dwell in the tent of your Father.
>> You have lived an exemplary life and have been blessed with much talent
>> to go forth into the lands of Sweden.  I am so excited for you.  I do
>> believe great things are in store for you there.
>> Dallin,   we love you so very much.   There is not another place on this
>> earth we would rather have you than on your mission to Sweden.  Your work
>> there will change generations upon generations.  Your efforts will have
>> great impact on the people there as well as the people here.  You are
>> already making a difference in people's lives.  Keep safe by being aware of
>> your surroundings at all times.  Keep the principle of safety in your
>> thoughts at all times.  I don't want anything to happen to you over there.
>> Always keep in mind how precious you are and how other's might be led to
>> endanger you.  Keep this in mind at all times.  Keep your garments on at
>> all times, they are a protection for you physically and spiritually.
>> Remember dwelling in a tent also means how you can be protected by your
>> Father in Heaven as you keep his commandments and allow him to dwell in
>> your heart and mind.  There is always safety in the tent of our Father in
>> Heaven.  You are His representative there in Sweden.  Enjoy this time you
>> have with Him and your mission companions and leadership.  What a great
>> experience you're having.  None greater in all the world.
>> Thanks for your positive attitude and love.
>> Your father in arms,
>> From my tent to yours...
>> Daddy Milne
Hey Family
> Thanks for the tent email dad I really like that.  I'll be sure to make
> sure I'm always aware of whats going on around me and I know that if I
> follow the mission rules that the Lord will protect me.
> They're giving us a little bit of time to email home while we wait for our
> laundry.  We're packing tonight for Sweden.  So exciting and kind of scary.
> But I know I'm  ready.  This mtc experience has been so great.  Kind even
> begin to describe how much it has helped me with my testimony and knowledge
> of the gospel.  I can't wait to get out to Sweden at apply it all.
> During our lay over time in New Jersey I should be able to make a few phone
> calls home. It'll be around 1 or 2 in the afternoon your time.  I'll try
> home first and then your cell phones.  reply to this as soon as you can
> with all your cell numbers and the home number.  I think I remember them
> all but I want to be sure.  and tell carter that I will definetly call him
> so if he gets a random call around that time during school he needs to step
> out of class and take it haha.
> anyways hope all is well.  I can't wait to get to Sweden and tell you all
> about it.
> Oh and tell carter to send me a screenshot of the instagram picture he did
> for me and tell him thanks.  oh and have him email me about if he was able
> to get on my twitter.
> How did Pine View bball do this week?
> And yes mom I know my pin.
> Elder Milne
Here are a few pictures he sent:
Chilling with my Comp.....

Saying Good Bye!
Monday, December 16th at 2:15 Elder Milne called his mom!  It was so good to hear his voice.  He sounded awesome and so excited.  He loved the MTC!!!  While speaking with him he shared how when they arrived in New Jersey the missionaries grabbed something to eat while waiting for their flight to Sweden.  While standing in line he heard someone speaking Swedish behind him.  He turned around to see an entire family.  They were indeed from Sweden and amazingly he understood everything they were saying and was able to answer all their questions.  He was so excited to share with them what he was doing as a missionary.  This was his first real test with the language.  It gave him so much confidence.  He then went into the restroom and met more people speaking Swedish.  He tried it out again and was successful.  I could hear the excitement and sense of accomplishment in his voice.  We are so happy for him and the blessing he has received of learning the language so quickly.  He will be on a 12 hour flight to Sweden and arrive in Stockholm at 7:30 am on the 17th of December.  Our thoughts and prayers our with him as he enters the land of Sweden.  And boy it is going to be cold!
We received an email from the mission office the afternoon of the 17th letting us know that all the missionaries and their luggage had arrived safely in Sweden and that we would be receiving letters and photos soon.  We can't wait!!!! 

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