Sweden Here I Come!

Sweden Here I Come!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Week 5 MTC Letter

     Unbelievable!  Elder Milne's stay at the MTC is quickly coming to an end!  He is now entering his last week.  It sounds like he has loved the MTC.  What a wonderful experience he has had there!  The growth he has experienced is already so evident!  Way to go Dallin!  We are so excited for you to go to Sweden next week!  Here is his MTC letter for week #5:

Hey Mom and Dad!

I'm glad you all finally got that letter! I sent that thanksgiving day but I made the address mine and the return address yours on accident so I ended up with that same letter in my mail box like 5 days later so I had to re send it haha. Thanks for the awesome christmas package and yes the tie clips are perfect.  I kept one for my bigger ties than traded the other to a guy in my district for a shorter clip for my skinnier ties.  Tie trading is kind of a thing up here and I've been able to make some pretty awesome trades too.  I can't really think of anything that I need/want right now I'm doing real well.  I won't have room in my luggage for christmas presents so you can just send them to sweden.  It's okay if they are a little late I won't mind.  

That's crazy that church was legit cancelled for snow in St. George! Carter sent me some pictures of the snow and I couldn't believe it!  It is freezing up here too.  I don't know how I'll survive my first swedish winter if its colder than this which I'm sure it is.  My finnish companion says you just get used to it.  Kind of like Minnesota I guess.  

Glad to hear that school is still going well with you and that your professor invited you do that with her, what a great opportunity. 

That's too bad about Carter.  But I will say if there's one thing I've learned here at the MTC is that the joy of being a "star" athlete is absolutely nothing compared to the joy of this gospel and being a missionary.  He just needs to worry about being a good kid and making sure he'll be ready when it's his time to serve.  He'll be alright!
Anyways, this morning my district got to go over to the Provo Temple to help clean it.  I landed the job of being the security guard so all I had to do was sit at the main desk and scan workers recommends and read the scriptures and ensigns for like 3 hours, so I had a pretty good time. Everyone was jealous.  This week overall was probably my best week so far at the MTC.  Not for any specific reason, I just feel like I learned the most this week about how to teach more effectively and how to better speak the language.  I'm feeling so good about my Swedish.  I can pretty much say anything that I want and my companion and I speak it together all the time.  With that being said I'll still probably get to Sweden and not be able to understand a single soul because everyone speaks so much faster there but I know I'll get the hang of it.  Sorry that I'm not like super specific about everything that goes on here during my week.  Everyone in my district emails pages and pages home about everytime they turn around basically which I think is kind of ridiculous.  It suffices me to say that I'm doing well here and learn and grow more everyday.  I'll be sure to go more in depth about things when I actually get out to the field.  It reminds me of Nephi when he says in the scriptures that he will only write things that will be of worth to the children of men or something like that.  So when something happens that I think is of worth I'll be sure to let you know about it - haha. 

So yeah don't worry about me, I'm good.  We received our travel plans this last weekend.  We will be flying out of salt lake at 5:50 am on monday heading to denver.  We will leave Denver at 7:20 am heading to New Jersey.  We have a 4 hour layover there so I should be able to call home during that time.  435-627-2632 right?  haha.  And from there we leave on a straight flight to Sweden.  We'll arrive there 7:30 am Swedish time.  Going to be a long flight.

But yeah it's all good, I'm pumped to get out of here!

Elder Milne
Merry Christmas from the MTC!

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