Sweden Here I Come!

Sweden Here I Come!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Final Post!

Well, Dallin has been home for almost two months now.  His health is much improved and he is doing fantastic.  He has had the opportunity to speak in several Sacrament meetings on assignment with the High Council and has done a superb job.  It is so neat to hear of his missionary experiences in Sweden and his testimony.  When he speaks he doesn't even use notes - it is so impressive.

He is right now preparing to start school up in Cedar City, Utah at Southern Utah University.  He has two scholarships there (what a blessing).  He is currently staying up there on and off with his brother Carter so he can work at the Pizza Factory (thanks Aunt Kim!).  He loves working there, and it has been very helpful in transitioning back to gentile life!  He is really excited for January to get here so he can get into school and on with his life.  Carter is putting his mission papers in on Sunday so he will not be going to school with Dallin this next semester, but he is fully supportive of Carter going right now.  Dallin will be moving into an apartment with other roommates so that will be a great way to meet more people.

As for us, we have really enjoyed having Dallin back home.  We are so excited to have the upcoming holidays to spend with all of our family members.  Dallin has been a big help around the house and yard, and he most likely at times feels like a servant instead of our son, but he never complains.  He has always been such a good son.

Thanks to Aunt Kim we have some photos of his arrival into the St. George airport from Sweden.  I was too busy preparing food to take photos at his homecoming dinner.  He has had a lot of friends and family here to love and support him.  We are all so grateful that his health has improved and he is back to his happy self.  I know that he is feeling better because he sings when he thinks no one is listening, just like when he was a little boy!

Anxiously waiting at the St. George Airport

Crying before he even arrives

The plane has landed

There he is through the window

Mom's first!

Then Dad!

Carter and Ty

And then on down the line

There's Aunt Kim!

There's some of the gang!

Welcome to Home Sweet Home...  A much smaller home he returned to than the one he lived in before he left.  But there is nothing like the Old Adobe...  He earned money for his mission by helping restore his great-grandparents' home.

The brothers together again at last

First family photo at Uncle David's Wedding

Thank you to all of my faithful followers over the past two years.  I will be starting my own blog soon, and then we will do one for Carter as well, so you haven't heard the last of the Milne's!  Love you all!

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