Sweden Here I Come!

Sweden Here I Come!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Elder Dallin Milne's Third Letter From the MTC!

We all were really missing Dallin this week, particularly on Sunday.  We said extra prayers today to comfort our hearts, and to also bless Dallin in his preparations at the MTC.  We were really anxious to get his letters this week!  We were so happy to read how great he is doing.  We are so proud of him and the strides he is making with the language and most importantly his testimony.  We have already witnessed multiple blessings from his service - the presence of the Spirit in our lives more abundantly being the biggest blessing we have noticed.  It is so uplifting to ready his emails, and also to hear his younger brother's express their love and admiration for their older brother in their daily prayers.  Ty taught an awesome family home evening this week and used one of Dallin's favorite scriptures as part of it.  He also asked us each to relate the things that we are most grateful for especially in light of Thanksgiving being just around the corner.  All of our answers included Dallin and his service as a missionary.  Blaine and Natalie both expressed how grateful they were for all three of their boys and what a blessing it has been to raise them.  They are all three such good boys.  Each one is blessed with very specific talents and strengths.  We have learned so much by being their parents.  It is amazing that the Lord has entrusted us to be their parents.  What a privilege it is!  Here is Elder Milne's third letter from the MTC.  It is the best one yet!:

Dear Family

First off I want to say thanks to Mom for the package, the Nyquil has saved my life.  I'm over my cold and am feeling great right now.  Its great to hear that you guys have been praying as a family every night and studying the scriptures together.  I can't even begin to describe how much my testimony has grown on the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon since I've been here.  I wish that I would have appreciated it more before I came here especially in high school so Carter and Ty make sure that you read the Book of Mormon every day, I promise you that your spirits will be lifted and you will be much happier and blessed because of it.  
It's going to be weird having thanksgiving without you all.  For thanksgiving here we'll have like a thanksgiving lunch and then we'll have a sack lunch for dinner because there will be no workers.  But I think like an apostle is supposed to come speak so that'll be cool.  
This week has been amazing.  I don't know when exactly it happened but something clicked and the language is starting to flow really nice.  Me and my companion now teach our lessons without any kind of scripts.  Just bullet points to guide our lesson.  I think I've got a glimpse of what the gift of tongues is like.  Now of course I'm not fluent but i can pretty much say any sentence that I want to.  Everyone in my district is amazed because I was one of the worst when it came to swedish the first couple weeks (so I was very frustrated as was my companion because he is already very good at swedish) but now I'm one of the best at it right behind the two finnish elders in my district.  Everyone has been asking for tips and stuff from me now its pretty funny.  I'll have to record a short video of me talking then send it as an attachment.  i'll try to do that later today.  But yeah the MTC is amazing there is no other place I would rather be right now.  The spirit is so strong all the time.  Our teachers are great too, they were all very successful Swedish Missionaries like Brother Miller.  I've learned so much.  I wish I could take the time to tell you about everything.  Just know that I am doing very well.
Good to hear that school is going well with you mom and I trust that all is well with dad's work too.  That's awesome that Carter is doing good in ball, make sure he eats.  And that is sweet that Ty's team won the championship tell him congrats and that I love him.  
Oh and this could be like an early christmas present or something but I would really like a silver tie bar/clip. just because they look awesome. But that's all I can think of right now.  All my needs are met.  I'll attach a few pics

Lots of Love
Åldste Milne

Got to see casey one last time before he left to Mexico at the sunday devotional.  He's got monster hands!

The weekly Silvennoinen pic.  this is about as close to a smile as you'll ever see him.  All business!

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